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Our team of presenters includes highly qualified professionals from a wide variety of legal professions, ranging from judges, attorneys, counselors and forensic scientists. Each one of our instructors is widely acknowledged in their respective field.


Randi Burggraff
Randi has dedicated her career
to helping parents secure their rights, and the rights of their children—even
in the most volatile situations. Her background in both Psychology and Family & Children Services has given her unique insight on how to prepare for high conflict child custody issues involving domestic violence and substance abuse. 
Brian Chase
Brian, is the Managing Director at ArcherHall, an adjunct professor at U of A Law School, and a national speaker. Brian has several certifications in Forensic IT and puts that knowledge to work in many different areas of law.  

Greg Davis
Greg Davis, a shareholder at Warner Angle, takes a multifaceted approach to family law, including offering services on both litigation and collaborative divorce tracks.  Mr. Davis has been among those to spearhead collaborative divorce in Arizona, a process which provides clients with options well beyond the reach of the family court system. Additionally, Mr. Davis focuses on family-adjacent civil litigation, such as marital torts, including breach of fiduciary duty, battery, and defamation.
Michael Dinn
Michael began his career in family law while still attending law school in southern Illinois. In 2017, he began serving the Scottsdale, Arizona community through appeals and divorce/family law. He is dedicated to securing justice and fairness for all of his clients, and he enjoys seeing the law upheld and developed for the good of his community.
Howard Dworman
Attorney Howard Dworman started his career as a probation and parole officer. He then followed his dream to become a lawyer. His unique experience provides him with a special insight to help his clients and provide insight to other lawyers. 
Angie Hallier
After 30 years as a family law attorney, Angie knows that what you say, how you act, and how you think about your divorce can significantly impact your divorce outcome and your life thereafter.
Robert Harker
Robert J. Harker, with over 20 years in legal practice, is known for his dedication to family law and probate, though his experience spans across various fields including immigration, workers’ compensation, and civil subrogation. His career began after 17 years as an operating engineer, giving him a unique, down-to-earth approach to law.Licensed in both Georgia and California, Mr. Harker is a certified mediator and arbitrator, offering personalized, one-on-one counsel to his clients. He is committed to understanding their needs and is ready to fight for them in court when necessary.
José Alfredo Hernández
José Alfredo Hernández is the founder of The Law Office of José Alfredo Hernández, APC, established in 2006. He earned his Juris Doctor from Whittier Law School in 2000 and distinguished himself as a member of the Whittier Law School Trial Advocacy Honors Board and a Fellow at the Center for Children's Rights during his time there. Hernández clerked at various law firms and public entities, including the Orange County District Attorney's Office, gaining valuable experience. He welcomes complex cases and provides thorough evaluations to help clients make informed decisions.
Taylor House
Taylor is a Board-Certified Specialist in Family Law, renowned for his expert handling of complex divorce and custody issues, alongside a strong practice in estate planning. His certifications underscore his proficiency and dedication in these fields, equipping him to offer strategic guidance and support to his clients. His expertise extends to crafting comprehensive estate plans, including wills, trusts, and powers of attorney, providing his clients with security and clarity for the future.
Joe Meaney
Joseph R. Meaney is an accomplished patent lawyer and licensed engineer in Arizona with 20+ years of experience. He specializes in intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, and litigation, with 40% of his practice dedicated to litigation. Joe's engineering background enhances his expertise.
Daniel Riley
Attorney Daniel Riley is an Arizona Board Certified Family Law Attorney and a Certified QDRO Professional.
Launi Sheldon
Launi is a distinguished Family Law practitioner with over two decades of legal experience. Upon graduating from law school in 2000, she dedicated her practice almost exclusively to Family Law. In a strategic pivot in 2018, Launi founded Strategic Legal Services, shifting from litigation to focus on equipping other attorneys' clients with the robust preparation they need for depositions, trials, and custody evaluations.
Nicole Stoutner
Nicole Siqueiros-Stoutner is a dedicated family law attorney renowned for her compassionate approach to resolving complex divorce, custody, and family disputes. Her strategy emphasizes stress reduction and clear goal-setting for clients, whether through settlement or court advocacy. Her background in child welfare and domestic violence advocacy informs her nuanced practice, which includes mediation and serving as a court-appointed parenting coordinator. 
Brad Thies
Arizona Attorney, Brad Thies, hails from rural Nebraska, and is an accomplished attorney based in Arizona. Brad’s current primary focus is on Probate Administration, Probate Litigation, Guardianships & Conservatorships, Business Planning. •With a solid foundation in the legal arena, Brad has cultivated his experience by practicing in several areas of law in the past, including commercial Litigation, Business Law & Contracts, Injury Defense and Prosecution, Commercial and Divorce Collections, Civil & Tort Litigation, Construction Law & Litigation, and Business Litigation.
Daryl Weinman
Texas Certified Family Law Specialist, Daryl G. Weinman, is the founder of Weinman & Associates, P.C. in Austin. Daryl adeptly handles divorce and its complex facets like child custody, support issues, and asset division. Although she is known for her strong courtroom presence, Weinman's mediation skills also aid in resolving disputes amicably. She's skilled in modifying and enforcing post-divorce orders, tackling cases from prenuptial agreements to international custody and paternity disputes. 

Financial Experts

David Cantor


David S. Cantor, CPA/ABV, CFL, CDFA​®, is the founder of Cantor Forensic Accounting, PLLC and has been practicing in the area of Family Law accounting since 1990. His experience covers all aspects of Family Law issues including: income determination, business valuations, separate property tracings, reimbursement claims and community waste issues. 
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Ellen Cooper


The Loan Coach, Ellen Cooper, uses her years of experience in the mortgage business to help clients fulfill their dreams of owning a home. 

Mental Health Professionals

Dr. Kolette Butler, Psy.D
Dr. Butler brings her unique background, education and experiences to provide you with the highest care. In addition to her doctorate in psychology she has completed additional training for work with couples, individuals with trauma, and teens and adults with emotional intensity, anxiety, depression, self-harm, and suicidality. Dr. Butler completed additional training in trauma treatment and is an emdria-trained EMDR therapist. She has completed the emotionally focused couples therapy (EFT) externship. She also has additional training in and several years of experience using dialectical behavior therapy (DBT).
Dr. Ellie Izzo
Dr. Ellie Izzo is the creator of Sentbeat, a novel approach for managing emotions and improving decision making. She co-founded the vicarious trauma institute and collaborative divorce institute. She is known for her rapid advance process, which is the technique that helps shifting negative thought patters to enhance emotional well being. She authored "The Bridge to I Am" and "Secondhand Shock". She is a renowned presenter has regularly appeared on Good Morning Arizona., she is a former radio host and was a featured expert on Fox News.  
Dr. Janella Street, Psy.D
Janella Street, Psy.D. is a clinical and forensic psychologist specializing in mental health services and psychological evaluations for individuals involved with Family Court. She uses a range of therapeutic interventions, including tools offered by CBT, ACT, and Solution Focused to help families gain new perspectives and focus on their children while going through a difficult separation. She has called the Bay Area home for over 25 years and earned my doctorate after working as a group counselor in juvenile hall.
Darlene Taylor
Author and Presenter, Darlene Taylor, is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of
experience in guiding individuals through self-discovery, growth, and
education. She holds an MSW from the University of Cincinnati and has served as
a licensed social worker and therapist for a decade. Additionally, Darlene was
a Women and Gender Studies professor at the same institution for twelve years.
Beyond her psychological expertise, Darlene holds certifications as a Certified Professional Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, and Certified Nutrition Coach, emphasizing holistic well-being.

Real Estate Experts

Chris Carter Kent


Chris is an experienced Real Estate Special Commissioner and Special Master, with experience in all forms of ADR, including Family Law, Estate and Trust settlements, and Probate, as well as Expert Testimony.Chris is a formally trained mediator, and has participated in mediations, arbitrations, Special Master hearings, and Special Commissioner assignments and hearings. She understands the emotional, legal, and financial complexities of life's transitions. I help clients make their next move...moving in...moving out...moving on!
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Beth Jo Zeitzer


Beth Jo Zeitzer is the President and Designated Broker of R.O.I. Properties, a full-service real estate advisory and brokerage firm based in Phoenix. Before founding R.O.I. Properties, Beth Jo, served as the Director of Commercial Properties at Del Webb Corporation where she handled $96 million in real estate transactions and a 600-acre commercial property portfolio which included: regional and neighborhood retail centers, business, medical and professional offices, industrial parks, and light industrial spaces.

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