All Non-Lawyers are Welcome!

Watch our courses to help you in the following ways. 

  • Watch our intellectual property video before you start a business or when you have a great new idea.
  • Watch our criminal law videos to learn what to do in certain situations.
  • Watch our family law videos to help you prepare for a child custody, child support, and more!
  • Watch our Forensic IT courses to know when you followed and how house is spying on you.
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We aim to simplify your understanding of the law!

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to learn about the law, not just lawyers.

Learning about the law can be overwhelming and seem like a daunting task. Our courses are developed to be easily understood and digestible.

100% Online

All of our courses can be completed on your schedule from the convenience of a computer, tablet or smart phone. Learning on the go has never been easier! Many of our courses also included downloadable and printable resources.

Forward Thinking

We believe in our own on-going education and keeping up with state-of-the-art technology and industry standards. This ensures our students receive quality instruction while earning the credentials they need.

Quality Content

Understanding legal concepts to help non-lawyers effectively navigate the legal system is one of our primary goals. 



Frequently asked questions

How do I access my purchased courses?

When you purchase courses from us an online account is created for you that includes our free, exclusive CLE Tracker. Your courses are placed into your account and you can access them at any time and with any device (desktop, laptop, mobile device, iOS/Android App, etc...).

How long will I have access to courses once purchased?

Once you purchase a course, you will have 12 months to access and review each course as well as all supporting materials.

How long will it take to receive my certificate once I complete a course?

Certificates are automatically generated upon completion of each course for Lawyers. Non-Lawyer course do not generate certificates. 
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