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If you are representing yourself during a trial, download this free eBook to teach you how to prepare your exhibits, your testimony, and your cross-examination for trial. 
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Download your copy of our eBook today and take the first step towards learning how to present your case in court.

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Inside, you'll find expert advice on how to present your best case at trial.

From getting evidence in to keeping evidence out.

Learn how to get evidence admitted and how to keep evidence out.

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Explore the different ways you can develop new skills and enhance your existing ones. We'll provide you with practical tips for pursuing professional development opportunities.
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Preparing for trial
Did you know many lawyers get nervous before trial too. They way I overcame my nerves was to be very prepared. And do something to help you relax as much as possible. Yoga, jogging, using relaxation techniques and even essential oils can help calm your nerves before trial.
Know your exhibits
You may have only limited time to present your case. It is helpful to know your exhibits. Knowing what exhibit is used for each issue will help you present your case more quicker and more smoothly. 
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"With over 18 years of litigation, I've appeared at countless hearings. Some were minor hearings and some were long trials.  The more practice I had in trials the less stressed and nervous I was.  Knowledge is powerful and comforting.  The digital book that is provided will walk you through each step of the way. Of course every court is different and every judge is different.  You will need to follow the court's lead, but the information in this book should at least help you understand how trials work, how to get evidence admitted, what might keep evidence from being admitted, and providing the best evidence for your case.  Good luck - I know dealing with court can be so difficult."