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L - Weaving Through Georgia's Contested Divorce Procedure and Considerations

This class is for new family law lawyers, or lawyers who practice in different areas but what to either help their clients understand procedures or switch practice areas. This is a very thorough class teaching what must be considered and reviewed to get through your divorce, and how to get from point "A" filing for divorce to point "B" wrapping it up with a decree. 
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Robert J. Harker, with over 20 years in legal practice, is known for his dedication to family law and probate, though his experience spans across various fields including immigration, workers’ compensation, and civil subrogation. His career began after 17 years as an operating engineer, giving him a unique, down-to-earth approach to law.

Licensed in both Georgia and California, Mr. Harker is a certified mediator and arbitrator, offering personalized, one-on-one counsel to his clients. He is committed to understanding their needs and is ready to fight for them in court when necessary.

Mr. Harker and his team at Robert J. Harker, LLC, focus on delivering solutions for complex legal issues, ranging from criminal law to family law and probate. His Carrollton-based firm is noted for its personal service, ensuring clients feel heard and valued.