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Understanding Therapeutic Interventions

When navigating the stormy waters of co-parenting post-divorce, the guidance of a Therapeutic Interventionist (TI) can be the lighthouse guiding families to safer shores. That's why we sought out the wisdom of Dr. Kolette Butler, a veritable expert with a PsyD and JD, to illuminate the lesser-known intricacies of TIs in co-parenting scenarios. As we traverse the sensitive terrain of children resistant to parental contact, Dr. Butler shares her profound insights into the judicially driven process that prioritizes the child's best interest, even when emotions run high and allegations cast shadows.
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Dr. Butler brings her unique background, education and experiences to provide you with the highest care. In addition to her doctorate in psychology she has completed additional training for work with couples, individuals with trauma, and teens and adults with emotional intensity, anxiety, depression, self-harm, and suicidality. Dr. Butler completed additional training in trauma treatment and is an emdria-trained EMDR therapist. She has completed the emotionally focused couples therapy (EFT) externship. She also has additional training in and several years of experience using dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). Dr. Butler is committed to your growth and she continues her education and training to ensure quality treatment. Dr. Butler has training and experience in forensic psychology. Her forensic expertise includes psychological evaluations and interventions for the court.