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NL - Receiverships - Leveling The Playing Field

Unlock the secrets of receiverships with the guidance of Beth Jo Zeitzer, who is both a licensed attorney and real estate broker. She will help you navigate the nuanced responsibilities of a receiver and demystify the vital role they play as a court-appointed fiduciary in asset management. Focusing on real estate and income-producing properties, Beth Jo brings clarity to the process, emphasizing the importance of thorough court reporting and steadfast transparency. 
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Beth Jo Zeitzer is the President and Designated Broker of R.O.I. Properties, a full-service real estate advisory and brokerage firm based in Phoenix. Before founding R.O.I. Properties, Beth Jo, served as the Director of Commercial Properties at Del Webb Corporation where she handled $96 million in real estate transactions and a 600-acre commercial property portfolio which included: regional and neighborhood retail centers, business, medical and professional offices, industrial parks, and light industrial spaces.

She is experienced in commercial development including planning, entitlement, infrastructure delivery, budgeting and financial oversight, marketing analysis, sales and marketing, contract negotiation, design review, and construction monitoring.

Beth Jo is a licensed attorney in Arizona and California and is a licensed real estate Broker in Arizona.An Arizona resident since 1971, Beth Jo graduated from the University of Arizona with a B.A. in General Research (with Real Estate and Marketing emphasis). She is also a graduate of the University of San Diego Law School, where she was the Research Editor of the Law Review and the recipient of the Hahn Award for Excellence in Real Estate.