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Prenuptial/Marital Agreements

Learn what prenuptial agreements can and can't do. Learn how to ensure they are enforceable and enjoy tips for ensuring a smooth signature meeting. 
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Nicole Siqueiros-Stoutner is a dedicated family law attorney renowned for her compassionate approach to resolving complex divorce, custody, and family disputes. Her strategy emphasizes stress reduction and clear goal-setting for clients, whether through settlement or court advocacy. Her background in child welfare and domestic violence advocacy informs her nuanced practice, which includes mediation and serving as a court-appointed parenting coordinator. Her tenure as a judicial officer in Maricopa County Superior Court enriched her perspective, enhancing her ability to navigate the judicial system effectively. Nicole's commitment to family law is evidenced by her numerous accolades, teaching roles, and extensive contributions to legal education, particularly in family law advocacy and mediation. Co-founder of Sheldon & Stoutner, she applies her profound legal expertise to protect and advocate for families. Outside the courtroom, Nicole enjoys spending quality time with her family, engaging in various personal interests like reading, skiing, and travel. Fluent in Spanish and Italian, she brings a valuable cultural competence to her practice, ensuring a broad range of clients receive skilled and empathetic legal representation.