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NL - Making And Preserving The Record For Appeal

Attorneys Michael Dinn and Randi Burggraff talk about the steps necessary to make and preserve an accurate record in the event you want to appeal. Pro-Tip - It's not just during the trial, it may include the duration of the entire litigation.
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Randi Burggraff & Michael Dinn


Since earning her law degree, Randi has dedicated her career to helping parents secure their rights, and the rights of their children—even in the most volatile situations. Her background in both Psychology as well as in Family and Children Services has given her unique insight into the inner-workings of family law, preparing her to take on high conflict child custody issues, including cases that involve domestic violence and substance abuse.    


Michael has been serving the Scottsdale, Arizona community through appeals and divorce/family law since 2017. He is dedicated to securing justice and fairness for all of his clients, and he enjoys seeing the law upheld and developed for the good of his community.

Michael began his career in family law while still attending law school in southern Illinois. There, he realized what would become a lifelong passion in both working with the law and representing families’ needs in court