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Conflict Resolution When Selling A Marital Home During Divorce

Real Estate Special Master, Chris Carter Kent, talks about common problems that arise when selling a marital home during divorce, and discusses the best resolutions for those problems. She goes on to discuss how to avoid the roadblocks and remove obstacles. 
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 Chris is an experienced Real Estate Special Commissioner and Special Master, with experience in all forms of ADR, including Family Law, Estate and Trust settlements, and Probate, as well as Expert Testimony.Chris is a formally trained mediator, and has participated in mediations, arbitrations, Special Master hearings, and Special Commissioner assignments and hearings. She understands the emotional, legal, and financial complexities of life's transitions. I help clients make their next move...moving in...moving out...moving on!

Expertise: Real Estate, Mediation/Conflict Resolution, Liaison, Concierge Services, Estate/Trust/Probate Law, Family Law, Court Appointments